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Lookout Cruises: Sailing Excellence Since 1995

Lookout Cruises has been a cornerstone of coastal exploration in the Crystal Coast since 1995. Founded by Captain Steve Bishop, the company flourished under his leadership for an impressive 28 years. During this time, Lookout Cruises became a premier name in boat tourism in the region, a testament to Captain Bishop's dedication and vision.

As the sun began to set on Captain Bishop's illustrious career, he decided it was time to pass the torch and enjoy a well-deserved retirement. Then, Captain Robert Morris, once a young deckhand working alongside Captain Bishop, stepped forward to continue the legacy they had built together.

Having spent his formative years working for Captain Bishop, Robert developed a deep affection for the coastal waters and a dream of returning to his hometown to own the vessel he had fondly served on as a young man. With a warm heart and a dedication to exceptional customer service, Robert took the helm of Lookout Cruises, now the proud owner, with a mission to elevate it to new heights.

Captain Robert Morris, a seasoned professional mariner with over two decades of experience, brought expertise to Lookout Cruises. His career had seen him at the helm of large vessels, including cruise ships, luxury yachts, and even ships for the offshore oil industry. With his extensive background in maritime operations, Captain Robert was well-prepared to take the reins.

His return to his coastal hometown was marked by a profound love for the sea and a deep commitment to offering exceptional experiences. Under Captain Robert's leadership, Lookout Cruises remains dedicated to providing outstanding adventures on the water.

We invite you to join us in exploring the pristine waters, stunning wildlife, and rich history of the Crystal Coast. At Lookout Cruises, we provide boat tours and craft unforgettable adventures and carry the legacy of excellence.

Come sail with us and be part of the Lookout Cruises story—an enduring tale of coastal beauty, exceptional service, and the spirit of adventure.

Lookout Cruises Mission

At Lookout Cruises, our mission is to provide exceptional water-based experiences that inspire our passengers and celebrate the beauty of the Crystal Coast. We are committed to delivering high-quality maritime adventures, combining top-tier nautical knowledge with outstanding customer service.

Lookout Cruises Vision

Our vision at Lookout Cruises is to be the undisputed leader in coastal and maritime exploration in the Crystal Coast region. We aim to continue being a trusted name associated with unforgettable experiences and a deep connection to the marine environment. We look to the future with the determination to keep innovating and expanding our reach, sharing the wonder of the sea with people from all walks of life.

Lookout Cruises Objectives

  1. Provide Unforgettable Adventures: Our primary goal is to create memorable moments for our passengers. We seek to offer maritime excursions that inspire a deeper appreciation for North Carolina's coastline's natural beauty and rich history.

  2. Commitment to Safety: The safety of our passengers and crew is paramount. We strive to maintain the highest maritime safety standards and ensure that every experience with Lookout Cruises is safe and enjoyable.

  3. Promote Marine Education: We believe in the importance of marine education and endeavor to share knowledge about marine life, conservation, and the history of the Crystal Coast on every trip.

  4. Environmental Sustainability: We are committed to minimizing our environmental impact and promoting sustainable practices in all our operations. We aim to protect and preserve the marine environment we love.

  5. Customer Service Excellence: We want every Lookout Cruises passenger to experience exceptional customer service. Our goal is to exceed expectations and ensure that every individual feels valued and cared for during their time aboard.

  6. Growth and Expansion: We aim to expand our range of excursions and reach a wider audience. Our vision includes the possibility of offering unique maritime experiences in other coastal regions in the future.

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