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Image by Leon Overweel

AM Dolphin-Horse Watch Cruise

Cruise Times

Before August 22th: 9:15am - 11:15am
August 23th - September 10th: 8:20am - 10:20am
September 11 & after: By request for parties of 12 or more or private charters.

Adults $45 | $35 for kids 12 and under


Lookout Cruises offers a daily morning sail up the Newport River to a place where the dolphin comes to play year after year. These dolphins are familiar friends to Lookout Cruises. Recognized by their dorsal fins, we've even named a few! You can watch the dolphin playing together just a few feet from the boat in their natural habitat. We also see wild horses on their island. We join them every morning, and you can, too! This trip is great for adults and children of all ages.

The cruise includes complimentary beverages.

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